About us

Helping you sell more and make more

While setting up operations in low cost countries is a tried and tested concept, companies in the western world are still required to take a leap of faith by commissioning work to BPOs virtually. 

And that’s fine if it’s seeking support for your internal process. But organizations with high-value customer base do not always have the luxury to increase margins, by outsourcing part of their operations and maintain the same level of quality 

Emaago was founded to solve this very problem. 
Scalability with complete control over quality. 

Since inception, we’ve helped companies build teams in low cost countries by being enabling them to be involved in each and every step from hiring to managing performance. 

Emaago is an extension of your team, at less than 40% of the cost!

The partners bring a vast experience of SaaS, HFT and Healthcare recruiting with a passion to service each and every client with the level of engagement they require to be successful.

Our work process

01: Statement of Work

Locked-in Statement of Work for the duration of the engagement

02: Train your extended team

Our team adapts your L&D guidelines and we learn how YOU do business and replicate. 

03: We adapt your tech

Your extended team meets your where you are. We adapt your tech for internal and external activities

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